The Interview With God
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Ilovejesus :
Posted 1654 days ago
My class watched this in Theology Class and now we are doing a project on it. It is truly inspirational and I'm learning a lot.
Joan :
Posted 1655 days ago
I am so touched by this video. Beautiful and inspiring.
Alex Asare :
Posted 1656 days ago
Amores :
Posted 1667 days ago
To HIM is the Glory
Bonaventura Apicella :
Posted 1675 days ago
I'd like to order your interview with God, cd /dvd, but since i live in england, there is no option for this when i scroll down the countyes in the order form, but only american ones. How can i buy it from england?
Assunta :
Posted 1677 days ago
You've ipmresesd us all with that posting!
yugal :
Posted 1678 days ago
thank u for exposing to this wonderful world of wisdom on being a human & our follies. i am truly lucky & blessed.
Noel :
Posted 1683 days ago
Praying for the community! My youth was spent in this church and school gym. The foundation of my faith. I loved the interview with God and have reposted it. Thank you.
Bangi :
Posted 1686 days ago
God love us so much, i have seen him doing wonders in my life, He is an awesome GOD and HE really love us unconditionally. MAY THE LOVE OF GOD AND THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT BE WITH YOU ALL. GOD BLESS YOU ALL
Uriel :
Posted 1686 days ago
God is with us at all times and yet we forget to pray and thank him. i said this because i used to neglect this and i believe am not the only one that thinks like this, and yet god love us to the point that he takes out from any bad situation, spot or relationship to make amends with him.
I love god and i believe he will use us to bring others to his presence may our lord Jesus Christ is with y'all at all times.
God bless.
Joao Marcos :
Posted 1687 days ago
I'm certain that God loves us so much that He sent his Son to die for us, to save us from hell.
O Lord you are a awesome God. I will praise you. I will exalt you. I will worship you forever and ever.
Thank you for offering eternal life to anyone who believes.
Enrique :
Posted 1687 days ago
renee.satchell Posted on I just cried reading this. Wow!! How good is our God that He would let us epxerience the riches of his love and minister to his most prized possessions Praying you boys will continue to encounter and spread the tangible presence of God on your trip.
Bonnie Renfrow :
Posted 1690 days ago
I have found this site so uplifting! Thank you for sharing.
"To God be the Glory"
Will look forward to the inspirational messages, also.
charles :
Posted 1691 days ago
this is so special!! THIS TRUELY IS INSPIRED BY GOD!!!! THANK YOU!!!
charles :
Posted 1691 days ago
this is so special!! THIS TRUELY IS INSPIREBY GOD!!!! THANK YOU!!!
Sam :
Posted 1694 days ago
This verse is passed to my wife. because she fear today.
dawn woods :
Posted 1694 days ago
i love this sight
Linda M. McGuffin :
Posted 1694 days ago
My favorite verse........Isaiah 41:10 (NIV). Thank you!
Karen :
Posted 1698 days ago
Whomever sent this to me, thank you! The Interview With God is absolutely beautiful. It deeply touched my heart. Thank you for your thoughts of me. I wish I knew who you are so I could say thank you personally. May God bless you with the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4
pavnesh kumar :
Posted 1699 days ago
hello...........god interview my interest
martial :
Posted 1703 days ago
no matter what you going through, keep trust and believe to him for he is always there for those who trust in him.
Anna :
Posted 1704 days ago
In God we trust!
Susie Neilson & Jay Neilson :
Posted 1705 days ago
Today is Thanksgiving, this website is awe-inspiring. So grateful for God and blessed. Perfect video to play at the dinner table. I recommend you do the same.
Absolutely life-changing
sanjay :
Posted 1707 days ago
Yours is a very useful site. We at ... chennaiblossoms ... want to get affiliated to you.
mary ann :
Posted 1707 days ago
i thought that this was a very moving video.may it be a source of inspiration to everybody.
Haidee :
Posted 1708 days ago
Thank you for sharing the inspiration.
russell green :
Posted 1708 days ago
cant wait for this to end ,im ready god,i love everyone that loves you
Posted 1709 days ago
Carl Willis :
Posted 1718 days ago
I feel again inspired by the video i just watched it really gave me a sense of understanding in knowing we are not alone on the paths we seek.
Please allow me to share with the world the words, this message, the love and light God has also shared with me.

It's entitled "Remember Me"
Lift up your heads,look up towards the heavens towards home.
Lift up your spirits because you know in your hearts that they are filled with my love.
Let my love and light into your lives.
Feel the warmth I give when you are cold
Hear the truth I speak when there are lies spoken.
Seek the light I shine when the darkness surrounds you.
Seek the courage from within when you feel afraid
Seek the strength from within when you feel weak
Seek my presence when you feel alone
You are never alone
Just call my name I am always near
You are all my children and I love you dearly
Remember me
Tari Deyoe :
Posted 1720 days ago
I want to say that God has been my guide and have given me the ability to do his will. I have been blessed with a beautiful loving family and I have tried to give back to them everything God has given to me. I am blessed with the ability to care for my mother in law who has Alzheimer's she has taken care of so many and now it is her turn to be cared for. I am a medically retired registered nurse and I find that God has given me the physical strength to care for her when needed. I feel grateful and will do this as long as I feel God wants me to. I have also been blessed to sponsor 3 children through Children's International. One is a young lady in India, one is a young lady in Chili and one is a youngster in the United States. I feel God expects us to take care of those in other countries as well as in our own country. Again I feel blessed to be able to continue to do this I just wanted to give witness that God helps those that help themselves and others. I believe he has put me here to do his work and as long as I am physically able to,I will do what he asks me to do. He sends his Angels to give me support and as long as I listen I will be able to do what he asks. I just wanted to tell others how grateful I am for the blessings he has given me. Thank you for listening.
bicko knox :
Posted 1721 days ago
To God be the glory. I am a servant of God and a friend to man. My mission in this world is to represent Christ through reaching out and would wish to join you in this worthy course.
Joss Nielsen :
Posted 1721 days ago
Fantastic website. Loved it.
jossnielsen2@gmail ...
Dick Tumbler :
Posted 1722 days ago
These words are inspirational and uplifting.
dtumbler12@hotmail ...
S.M.Puri :
Posted 1727 days ago
A simple, beautiful and soothing presentation that touches our troubled soul. GOD is always with us; We may forget it.
vinay :
Posted 1727 days ago
Confirm your presence, no doubt.Thanks once again.
Smith :
Posted 1728 days ago
Ean :
Posted 1731 days ago
I love you my lord, God is the most high. God Bless everyone.
ranbfred :
Posted 1736 days ago
god is with us
Donna :
Posted 1764 days ago
Hi Miranda,
Just read your message below, we are never alone, he is with us always! Seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened, God never promised us a life without trouble's, but he did promise he would never leave us or forsake us, I pray God's blessings and grace be with you, and understanding of God's word. A sister in Christ, Donna.
Miranda :
Posted 1772 days ago
I've been going through some tough stuff most recently and last night well, I was getting scared so I prayed to God asking for help and forgiveness and just asked if he would please give me some type of reassurance that he was here. Anyway, all day today I have had the urge to type God into the Google machine. I tried to ignore it, afraid of what I might find (forgive me Lord, I just feel somewhat alone lately) but just a few minutes ago I finally did just that. I went to Google and this is the first website that I clicked on. Then I saw the interview. "I am here always."
There is no way that was coincidence. It couldn't be. I do feel a little better now after that and reading everyone's comments. Thank you Lord I am going to keep reminding myself to trust you to get me through this rough patch.


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