The Interview With God
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Hillary :
Posted 1774 days ago
May God continue to bless Panos and Margaret.
Martin san lucas ca :
Posted 1776 days ago
My dad allways told me la fea es la whena your faith is the good one .r.ip jose emidio zuniga. Loving dad
Michael :
Posted 1777 days ago
My Soul Magnifies the LORD.
Jimmy Holland :
Posted 1778 days ago
Forgive me lord of my sins and open my eyes to your'e wisdom.
liane smith :
Posted 1780 days ago
A faith that shines more bright & clear when tempests rage without that when in danger knows no fear in darkness feels no doubt
brianna :
Posted 1784 days ago
my friend amazes me... she thought it was boring! oh well.
Brianna :
Posted 1785 days ago
wow.....Breath taking..... thank you for sharing that with us! im going to share it with everyone i know!
pam wooley :
Posted 1785 days ago
Thank you for being my lord and savior.!
gary ranard :
Posted 1790 days ago
in memory of fred waring from carmel. bless teri o
AL :
Posted 1795 days ago
I pray for help everyday. I pray and I pray, and I pray. It is no matter that I do not get an answer, I know God hears me, so I will continue to pray................
Nancy Kane :
Posted 1809 days ago
Thank you so much for being there. May God continue to bless you for what you are doing.
Mark Paul :
Posted 1822 days ago
All I will say is this, in the last 24 years of my life, I have seen MANY miracles, from various religions, cultures, male, female, white, black, brown, tall, small, fat, name it. There is no one alive on this planet who is greater than you nor beneath you - we are all equal for we are all God's children. Do not let anyone tell you that what you believe in is wrong just because they believe in something different. That is preaching. Remember, that when all hope is lost in the world and darktimes ever seem like they are looming because pagans, gnostics/free-masons and the dark order within the Illuminati do their magic, just remember one thing, there is ALWAYS hope. Life is infinite - much like the number 8 being turned on its side, this is the symbol of infinity. God is infinite just like life, our bodies are not infinite which is why we should respect how precious it is.
These are just my opinions. I'm not saying I'm right and I'm not saying I'm wrong but I have seen miracles in this world that science CANNOT explain AT ALL. Peace be with you all.
Posted 1826 days ago
2 “I will make you into a great nation,
and I will bless you;
I will make your name great,
and you will be a blessing.[a]
3 I will bless those who bless you,
and whoever curses you I will curse;
and all peoples on earth
will be blessed through you
Hai friend’s glad to meet u .I am a pastor’s family. My father Pastor Arulraj more than 32 years.. I am the elder one I received jesus when I was in ukraine 1995. Accedently went to study for medicine course there. But the contractor who sent me he cheated me,because every year many thousands of dollars I must pay. I don't have, My father poor man of god. I deceided to kill myself. But jesus come my heart I got saved there. I plan to came back, But god told me to stay there. 1 year I studied russian language there. 2nd year i don't have visa , I no pay University Of Medicine.So they took from medical hosatl, A widow woman took me and feed me I attened the church called victory . I studied one year Diplomo in bible russian course there. In 1998 nearly in dead because I was ill by the snow -30 Digree celsieus. I near to dead. Doctors said u die soon, I have no money to come back I ask god to help me, The pastor called me and helped me to come back to india in 1998 June. Here I got healed,& 3 years I studied in madras assembles of bible school. In 2001 I got married & got two daughters First one Angelin jemi nancy 9 years studing in 3rd standard. Second one Herlin arulsiya. My father has a small church still now he nothing yarn for him. My second brother also Pastor his wife dental doctor they living from me 100 kilometeres he has a orphange 40 children ther my contact number in 9865757460,0461-2345283 u can call me my skype id acchris2005 . My 3rd brother went bible school this year god provide own land for us We have a small church there we doing independent ministry. We doing our ministry only faith Pleas pray for us, and visit us we love u amen. church our church called babiyatha mission we have a place god provide it. we love u.we need to build our church with 1000 peoples and a good building we need for the congregation please pray about it
I have a great passion to do missionary works some time in Russia and some neibouring countries . please pray for me and please remember me. If some body sponser me I will faithful to do lord’s ministry this russian countires. may god bless u
Thanking You.
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Jeffrey :
Posted 1828 days ago
Thank you Lord for this wonderful site
Lee Foster :
Posted 1833 days ago
Lim :
Posted 1836 days ago
Bob Robinson wrote a post titled Potentiality and the Image of God, tikalng about some of the implications that God's view of us and His design in creating us have on our potential. I love the forward positive thinking of this post. I have a tendency to criticize others who are different than me even if I don't verbally or physically show that judgment. Yet, what would life be like if God viewed us that way? The foundation of grace is God's acceptance of us through Jesus Christ's sacrifice for us, while we were yet sinners. How I long to look on upon every Christian with a joy for their love of God regardless of how they worship or where.
Narpat :
Posted 1836 days ago
“The fact that religion has a clononisg effect on people still does nothing to prove whether it’s true or not”This sentence makes no sense. What are you taking about? Is religion not true? What does that even mean?As for the drinking and pot bit; People who use alcohol or marijuana twice a month are more mentally stable than non-users. I guess you’re gonna start preaching that religion is the same way now. And if you really want to be pragmatic, read William James (The Philosopher) and you’ll get an interesting perspective on religion from one of the great minds in American history.
Rick :
Posted 1837 days ago
Will,You're sounding more Carsonesque with each conemmt. That's exactly the kind of reasoning you'd hear him say faith may be MORE than adherence to propositions but can biblical faith be LESS than that? Nowhere did anybody say that faith is less than an adherence to propositions. That would be ridiculous.In your being a stickler for literalistic readings of sentences (and not allowing the nuances of rhetorical style to have their power), you're missing the big point.Here's an illustration: If you lived your entire life living and saying, Health is through eating vegetables, meaning that you believed that health is ONLY arrived at through eating vegetables and nothing else, then my response can rightly be: Health is not through eating vegetables; health is through eating a balanced diet. A literalist like yourself would get testy, saying, That's a false antithesis! Vegetables are a part of a balanced diet! Right! Of course vegetables are a part of the balanced diet. Yes, it is a false antithesis. That's the POINT! Now, IF my statement were pulled out of the context of what I am responding to, it would indeed be an oxymoronic statement. But the point is bigger than that: You've been eating nothing but vegetables. My rhetoric makes it clear that there is indeed an antithesis to this one that is broader and healthier. One that will require you to think in new categories. The context of the statement makes all the difference. So, for those who have lived all their Christian lives by saying, Faith is an adherence to a set of beliefs, I say, no it is not. There is a better way, a healthier way to see faith: Faith is a trusting relationship with God. Faith is not an adherence to a set of beliefs; faith is a trusting relationship with God.Does that help?
Simon :
Posted 1837 days ago
Sep25rebecca I absolutely love St Joseph. He, I have read, is the paotrn saint of stepparents (of course, right?), and as a stepmother, I often look to him for intercession. Whenever I find it difficult navigating my blended family situation, I imagine what it must be like to be the stepfather of God. Awesome, awesome saint.
Nico :
Posted 1838 days ago
I often believe that I have been such a dtmippoinasent. But, know that when God sees me he sees Jesus. But, here is what I often think about. If God sees Jesus who died for all of our sins, what does Jesus see when he looks down on earth. I try so very hard to be a good person and when I try really hard, I fail. But, when I run to Jesus to say I am sorry, he holds out his arms takes me into a tight hug and tells me it is okay. Go try again but, let me help you. Each day is better than the day before.
christian obodai. :
Posted 1840 days ago
i pray to God that i may be able to obey his word.glory be to God.
Brianna :
Posted 1862 days ago
im only ten and i saw so many videos of children that last so many things in their lives.GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!
Mikayla. sfeir :
Posted 1864 days ago
the interview with God is so amazing! The whole world should go on this, I'm not joking.
Julio :
Posted 1868 days ago
I pray that someone may keep me in their prayers. I am so lost and so disoriented from the Lord. I don't even know how to begin a prayer because I feel as if the Lord will reject me or not listen because I've been so far from him. Someone please, help me get closer to the Lord.
Paul :
Posted 1868 days ago
About 7 years ago i found this site in my darkest days, i found it so inspiring, and calming. You wont believe where i am now! life is perfect yet i still need his help. :
Posted 1870 days ago
The images for the cards are very beautiful.
nives :
Posted 1873 days ago
So inspirational and it all makes perfect sense. Thank you and God bless.
lisa :
Posted 1875 days ago
pictures are beautiful and inspiring.
lisa :
Posted 1875 days ago
im not religious but this interview really makes me see things differently. love it.
Ivy :
Posted 1881 days ago
God, brought me to this site :)
Estela :
Posted 1894 days ago
Awesome website beautiful images and inspirational messages
thank you thank you thank you!!!
God Bless you
Nicole :
Posted 1897 days ago
Breathtaking....made me stop and think about what I've been thinking about!!! I need to live in the moment and trust God. Thank you so much!!!
Renee :
Posted 1900 days ago
Thank beautiful...I needed this today and will forward to those I love.
jimbo :
Posted 1903 days ago
Thank you for these words of encouragment
Mikayla. sfeir :
Posted 1910 days ago
Oh! I'm very sorry that your friend had passed away!! May God bless him.
Henry :
Posted 1912 days ago
God, please bless our friend Reg who passed away yesterday. let him enter into your Kingdom
James :
Posted 1914 days ago
May GOD bless Pastor Arnold Murray, with more years of teaching us word by word verse by verse the truth of GODs word.
Jacob :
Posted 1915 days ago
God bless you all!
colleen :
Posted 1917 days ago
Please pray for my mothers complete recovery from hip surgery.
mikayla sfeir :
Posted 1918 days ago
bless my cousin who had died today in a car crash!!


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