The Interview With God
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paul :
Posted 1921 days ago
Its so true and good the wisdom from God. Just to think and
enjoy the Holy Sprit, Jesus our Christ, and Holy God it does
bring peace to our souls and minds, the flesh wil learn to enjoy
Godly things as well, You all have done a good job< In Jesus
name amen.
Jenny :
Posted 1923 days ago
Mischief is in their hearts,
Give them according to their deeds, and according to the wickedness of their endeavors,
Give them after the work of their hands, render them to their desert.
Smite them and let them not rise again.
Blessed be the Lord.
The Lord is my strength, and my shield.
Thou shall perish!
annie :
Posted 1923 days ago
Thank you, i'm not no angel, I have my faults. my fiath has got me thru so many things in life , and hopeing it will get me thru the next stage in life that i am about to be traveling down. I feel it in my heart it is the rite thing to do i just need some guidance from you lord. Which I know it will come
Matthew Peter Howell :
Posted 1924 days ago
Thankyou God, for the endless blessings you have given to me and all your children, Please Bless whoever made this wonderfully inspiring website, and Please forgive us all for all the misguided mistakes that i, and everyone else has made, and Please help all those who struggle to find you and bring you into their daily life to see the truth and reach out to you, we cannot thankyou enough for all you have given us, and i will strive to show you my thanks in the remaining days of my life, i hope and pray that someday i may be able to meet you and truly thankyou for everything you have done for me, you truly are the most wonderful, and I Love You with all my Heart and Soul, I Will Never Ever Forget You, Thankyou So Much x x x
mikayla sfeir :
Posted 1924 days ago
god bless us all.
poetmusa :
Posted 1924 days ago
I really have no words to say. That was an amazing video I saw there. It sure touches one to see such moments. It gets your eyes off you for a moment and you realise that you're not the only one in the world. It builds up my patience with God, I now know he plans to do things in his own time. It may look like he has turned his head against me for a while but now I know he has more than just one day planned to turn my life around and also use me to bless someone who is in great need of God's revelation in their life. Bless you all saints.
Abhishek :
Posted 1925 days ago
It compels the love inside you to come out inspite of all negativities!!!
Really amazing!!
michelle marie triska :
Posted 1925 days ago
please pray god heals my health problems intestinal gas, flatuence, hernia , and loose stools, lonliness, lack of love, repays the men who harmed me, brings good things, that my mother and father dont kick me out of the house and they get mental help
mikayla sfeir :
Posted 1926 days ago
it's so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!
mikayla sfeir :
Posted 1927 days ago
I appreciate all your prayers its all wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arney :
Posted 1931 days ago
What a blessing it would be to believe what some of those who leave mewsages here believe/
Ces :
Posted 1932 days ago
It's so amazing!
Angela :
Posted 1937 days ago
God's love is so wonderful
silver :
Posted 1947 days ago
I have had so many heart breaking experiences in such a short period of time and i found this web sight and I feel so much has gave me inspiration to live my life again...
Tyna M :
Posted 1948 days ago
I was actually speechless. That was a wake up call, in a way, for me. Incredible interview, to say the least. I can not call myself a christian, but I have asked God and Jesus for forgiveness and I have been saved. Thank God, Jesus died on the cross for my sins and everyone else. God bless everyone. He loves each and everyone one of us, no matter what we have done in the past or that we will do. That is the most amazing thing to me.
Our amazing Father can forgive us and still love us after all things we done wrong. I am grateful and proud. I love you Jesus,God, and all the angels. Amen.
F.H.Brew :
Posted 1949 days ago
I saw the interview, but fail to see how those 'insights' relate to a so called god. Also, which god? Allah? The insights (or rather observations) seem profound but they would be so regardless of any deity.
In a very real practical sense, how will this help overcome things like homophobia and bigotry for example? Both of which have supporters quoting the bible and the quran etc.
So I see how the observations are something to keep in mind, I fail to see how it relates to god and I'd like to know how in a practical sense this can help us overcome our various differences in a peaceful manner.
Also, great imagery :D
Angel :
Posted 1955 days ago
Ive first saw this when i was 15yrs old, 29 now, glad to see its still getting around. love it
Derrick :
Posted 1955 days ago
All I have to say is WOW! ;)
Patti Lindteigen :
Posted 1957 days ago
I really needed this today. I recently got out of the hospital and was feeling quite desperate and abandoned. The interview with God reminded me that I am never alone and that no matter what my issues are today, he never leaves or forsakes me. Thank You Lord Jesus and thank you to all of you!!!
louwtjie :
Posted 1958 days ago
remember our loard jesus christ love you never forget it,
ask for forgiveness and it will be given to you,
he is allways near you he will never let you fall,
ask for him pray the prayer of salvation ask him into your life,
go to youtube and look at joseph prince.
my god bless you and love you forever.
Winston Collins :
Posted 1961 days ago
I am not a religious person in the normal meaning of the word but I have always believed I am a spiritual being and believe in a Supreme Being.
Your poem was one of the most moving I have ever read and I sent it to all of my friends.
Thank You.
khriz :
Posted 1962 days ago
I am currently in a middle of nowhere...I know that God is guiding me all through out of my journey but I can't help but still be afraid and confused...
zayne biscette :
Posted 1962 days ago
i am a kid and i'm asking god to answer my prayer's god please hear my cry please
Andrew :
Posted 1963 days ago
I pray that GOD will lead me to those that I can make a difference in their life and not be an observer.
mandy :
Posted 1964 days ago
dear God... the sky is soo pretty tonight, thank you. full moon, welcoming autumn. mild temp. your fantastic. I appreciate your creation. xxx Love Mandy
Peter Lin :
Posted 1965 days ago
Hi every one, My name is Peter Lin. I have been trying to make a website for my brother who serves the words of God in Burma. My brother and i want to help many children who can not afford to pay school in Burma. My brother is minister among Bud ism in Burma. He has no sponsor. I can not help him all the time because i am in community college in Maryland. I get loan to finish my associate degree and I help my brother with the money that is left after i paid for my tuition fee. I have been trying to make a website for my brother so that people from all over the world know what he is doing and I also believe that there might be some one who can help him in prayer or some how. Unfortunately, I don't know how to make website. I would greatly appreciate if there is any one who can help me to make a website.
If you want to help me, here is my email--peterlin.lin07@gmail ... & My phone number--410-624-6559
Thank you so much more than i can say
May God bless you!
The Boogieman ... :
Posted 1966 days ago
If you walk in His ways , The Lord will be with you every day every step of the way ...
No one important :
Posted 1967 days ago
What is better: to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?
Posted 1971 days ago
Nicole :
Posted 1972 days ago
I desperatley need to strengthen my relationship with God. I feel we have "lost connection?" Can somegive please give me advice to pursue my promise i made to Him of changing from my sinful ways and be led to His path?
God bless!!
Manish Bhatia :
Posted 1975 days ago
i love GOD, God is the master of universe and GOD helps everyone.GOD is one and he knows everything. we should praise the GOD for the happiness he provided to everyone. i love you GOD.
RevRoy :
Posted 1976 days ago
I wish the Muslims in Afg. could see things like this. They worship a book more than they worship GOD. To kill people over the burning of a book. They forgot the meaning of the words in that book. The word of GOD!
Ms.Rochelle :
Posted 1978 days ago
Thank you. I know that GOD is aways with me, However the interview with GOD presentation was so GODful so ( GOD knows my heart and I can only said this with the deepest love from my heart I wish that everyone can feel the love that I feel from GOD right now at this point. PRAISE HIM just put your hands up and PRAISE HIM it's okay if you never did it before. DO IT DO IT Just do it right NOW!!!! GOD bless ALWAYS
kathy wenzel :
Posted 1984 days ago
Can u please send thyis 2 my facebook page
Look 4 me as Kathy Champlin Wenzel
Thank You,
Fhey :
Posted 1986 days ago
Touched me....i needed a word from God, and behold this interview with God....Pop up!
Karen :
Posted 1992 days ago
To thineself be true
Vick :
Posted 1995 days ago
thank you
you can write me at
just me :
Posted 1997 days ago
I know when I worry or when I am alone, when I lose my faith and when I realize how mighty You are, that never have You abondoned me or let me be unsafe. That Your love is infinite and I am selfish for abondoning You.
Never let me fall, I believe in YOU always!
Anonymous :
Posted 2006 days ago
I really enjoyed God's interview video, just know that I am here! if people only knew, secrets are secrets for reasons, esp God secret's we lose energy when we discuss God's secrets, its not his desire, if he wants to tell us something then we must keep it a secret, I know thats not always an easy thing to do, believing is seeing, doesn't work the other way! we are but a star & he is master of the universe where there are as many stars as there are grains of sand on our planet & yet he loves us so mercifully, we must be careful in not only what we say but also how we think, we are one with nature, WHEN WILL LEARN TO GO WITH THE FLOW?
Lou :
Posted 2006 days ago
GOD bless you all!!!!!!!


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