The Interview With God
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Posted 2112 days ago
Ik ook (JAHW 2)
PatsieVerbeeck :
Posted 2112 days ago
Hello Freddy, how are you
do you love god to???????
Freddy :
Posted 2112 days ago
I am 88 jaars old and i zoek een vrouw!!!

Posted 2112 days ago
Ik ben verliefd op God!!!!
PatsieVerbeeck :
Posted 2112 days ago
Freddy :
Posted 2112 days ago
Hello Patsie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Freddy :
Posted 2112 days ago
Hello, I LOVE GOD!!!!!!!!
Valerie :
Posted 2112 days ago
Well, it would be hard to believe what a philosopher says because their beliefs are influenced by so many and origins that will not and cannot always be known. With God, there is no theological definition to compare to. The interview is not meant to be a fact or documentary of a definition of God. According to the authority in publication of what and how God is, it states that God defines himself "I am." Explain that. The presentation did not say that God was surprised about how man kind behaves, just that in reply to the question, he states how we should behave if realizing the simple knowledge that we all have. It is called "common sense." As Laura stated, he is an infinite being and infinite means infinite. God created mankind,but not this way. The way that turned mankind into what he is today was due to certain events. It is the kind of God who gave man free will in hopes that he wills to do good. He is not a God that created robots and beings to not have a choice-it is better when you choose. If we want to read an interview with God, read the Bible. It is full of interviews with God in the story from when Jesus was born to Revelations. There are interviews with God before Jesus came in the old testiment, the first book of genesis between Noah as one of the first interviewers and so on. I am also a student of Social Studies.
Laura :
Posted 2112 days ago
As a philosophy student I would just like to point out that your Interview with God conflicts with so many theological definitions of Him.
For example, God cannot be here for 'always' as God is meant to be an infinite being existing outside of time and space and therefore any notion of time becomes completely irrelevant and ridiculous when applied to Him.
Furthermore, God is meant to be omnipotent and omniscience and considering that, and the belief that he created mankind, it seems a tad illogical that he would be suprised by anything that we did, as he would already know it due to His nature and it would have been Him that created us this way.
I personally do not object to the idea of a Godlike entity existing, however, I do think if you are trying to convert people into believing in the Christian idea of God, you should create an Interview with God which is actually consistent with Christian theology.
Crystal :
Posted 2114 days ago
I loved watching the Interview with God.
Luella :
Posted 2114 days ago
I purchase The Interview With God Six years ago as a screen saver when some one sent it to me as a preview I was so moved that I purchased the screen saver I have sence changed computer a couple of times an now will repurchasing it again. This is really great
sandip :
Posted 2117 days ago
god is present every where perhaps we are unable to see due to aur proud and greed.
rick lanzarotto :
Posted 2119 days ago
God bless all our military, bring them home safe. peace to thy world amen.........
Posted 2125 days ago
A few years ago, I saw a notice outside a Church; it

US. '
Let us pray that everyone, and everthing has
sufficient for their needs, improve for the
better, and care for life on
God's wonderful Planet.
bridetobe :
Posted 2126 days ago
the lord helps people who want to be helped and not people who take from others. Lord,I want my parents and brother,to like my fiancee,Don Berden,who's parents you have in heaven. Take care of Sox and Calli at the Rainbow Bridge and Stormy and Midnight at the Rainbow Bridge,and Mittens. Take care of Buddy,the rat,and our Hampsters,Patches and I forgot his name.
Frank Catcher :
Posted 2127 days ago
God saves those who come to him!
frankcatcher77@yahoo ...
Sharon Whitworth :
Posted 2127 days ago
It is so beautiful - I cried when I saw it and it came to me by a friend at just the right time when I needed it. God is so Good!
Belarus Ukrain :
Posted 2128 days ago
i cried a river :'(
TN :
Posted 2130 days ago
This is beautiful. Thank you for the ppl in this world that makes a difference in people's lives. This means so much right now. Thank you and GOD BLESS.
Mike :
Posted 2133 days ago
Is there a DVD for this yet? im really looking forward to getting it!
Thilo :
Posted 2135 days ago
Thank you for having created such a nice website. May GOD's love and kindness lead to more understanding, kindness and peace among all human beings. I thank GOD for the growing peace in my own life and I wish all of you people love, harmony, joy and love in your lives and the lives of your children. May there be loving understanding and kindness. Amen.
Angel_1ofakind :
Posted 2137 days ago
May God Bless You and Your Family Dearly For All That Youns Are Doing! That Was Amazing! Thank You So Much! Angel in PA
reagan rahat :
Posted 2137 days ago
Joyce :
Posted 2137 days ago
Always. That's what stood out. Always. It's wonderful to know God will never leave us or forsake us.
Always :)
william f keenan :
Posted 2137 days ago
Thhe Roasery
Alma :
Posted 2138 days ago
The Zeal of the Lord of host will perform this . Isaiah 9:17
Sylvia :
Posted 2139 days ago
I wept.....
Gary :
Posted 2142 days ago
Tip of the spear
God Bless the ones who see it! :
Posted 2143 days ago
Put this on TV, payed commercial and see how the world would change for the better! God Bless.
Posted 2143 days ago
This video is amazing and very touching. I have sent it to many people in the hopes that they will be inspired by God. I love the thought of having this interview with God and him answering me so sweetly.
Hana :
Posted 2144 days ago
presentation is awesome, its very touching. Who so ever has made this presentation, he has done a great job.
Reggie :
Posted 2146 days ago
This could not psoisbly have been more helpful!
nike :
Posted 2147 days ago
This is really awesome! Its not a mistake i stumbled on this, it's actually divine. Thanks for touching this soul!
stephen :
Posted 2147 days ago
Be brave, endure life, be proud of what you accomplished. For you are a child of God. As a child of the Almighty you must not be naive. Dont let negative people take advantage of you, you owe yourself and the godcenter in you to be treated with respect and dignity. Stay safe . You are all magnificent !
Hendrik Bezuidenhout :
Posted 2148 days ago
Thanks God for showing me how beautiful your creation is. Thanks for letting me now that you are there always
Rakshith :
Posted 2149 days ago
Nothing so great in this... There are thousands of presentations like this... But the conversion to flash can be appreciated...
Jerry :
Posted 2150 days ago
Great site!
Well done!
Jerry.ravoli@gmail ...
G'shan :
Posted 2150 days ago
"Life is about sharing, welcome that you have done the part".,
Posted 2151 days ago
what is the key to god's heart
Robert Taylor :
Posted 2154 days ago
Have you considered converting this to HTML so millions more can view it on iPhones & iPads? Flash will never make it to these devices and it seems that many people are missing this, including me.


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