The Interview With God
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mimimiller :
Posted 2155 days ago
so totally beautify
Sijit Nair :
Posted 2156 days ago
WOW!! Cool website, nice layout... interesting staff.
The site is well connnected to lot of link and hope you are also coming up with more good thing on this site , will request you to put some moving card or musical cards also on this site ,
-S Nair
Berkay :
Posted 2157 days ago
When the student is ready, the teacher will come...and just when I needed it...amazing.
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Neha :
Posted 2158 days ago
Why do you promise to give free download when you cannot keep it. Please be honest with the people. You are passing on very good message, so at least practice it.
saba :
Posted 2160 days ago
I received this via mail from my brother's wife and liked it alotttt..its such a GREAT EFFORT, something we all need to be reminded to bring us back to basic rules of living a Wonderful and Peaceful LIFE*
sandy :
Posted 2163 days ago
i received the interview with God from a friend and just loved it. I decided to check the site out. Thank you for the nice site.
Kurt :
Posted 2163 days ago
I received Interview a moment ago from my mom. I'd seen it before, but it was so wonderful all over again. I checked out your e-card section though, and they're so 'tiny', supposed to choose, but you can't see what the words are on them in order to choose. So I gave up on that. Please make BIGGER, thank you. I'd be back or sign up, but if I can't see the e-cards to choose one, that's disappointing. I like the up lift of the sight, so it's difficult and frustrating to have to leave and not be able to choose the right card. Please review your e-card selection when online. I have WinXP, and can't see em. :-\ Otherwise, beautiful... please read, owners of this site^^^
karen :
Posted 2165 days ago
this was so beautiful and it did come at the right time from a friend ... thanks for making it
Suzanna :
Posted 2167 days ago
When the student is ready, the teacher will come...and just when I needed it...amazing.
Jo-Anne E. Terrell :
Posted 2168 days ago
Good Evening,
I enjoyed both the Children Bible Study and The Interview with God and I plan to share them with another Sunday School teacher at our church, and speaking of church . . . . . . .
I am writing on behalf of Superintendent Michael Eaddy and The People's Church of the Harvest Church of God in Christ Pastoral Salute Committee. This is in reference to our Pator's 60th Birthday Celebration and 32nd Year Pastoral Salute Banquest scheduled on Thursday, September 15th 2011 at the Oak Lawn Hilton in Oak Lawn, IL
We are planning a most glorious event to celebrate Superintendent Micael Eaddy and Lady Christine Eaddy's 32 years of service to God's people.
Please secure this date on your calendar to plan to celebrate this event with us.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at;
The People's Church of the Harvest
3570 West Fifth Avenue
Chicago, IL 60624
Elder Dr. Michael Eaddy and Lady Rose Eaddy
eldeaddy@sbcglobal ...
Phone: 773.533.6877 Fax: 773.533.1345
Website: ... peopleschurchoftheharvest ...
For your information, VIP tickets are $100, regular tickets are $60 and tables are abailable for up to ten people.
Sister Jo-Anne E. Terrell
Margaret :
Posted 2169 days ago
God is amazing! Went to this site because my spirit was sad, I feel better now after reading the quote Isaih 41;10, and knowing this also brings insperation to others as well. Let our faith be strong and our heart always reaching for God, because he is always with us! MD Albuq, NM
Maggie :
Posted 2169 days ago
Thank you JESUS!..Who am I that YOU are mindful of me?..I am humbled by your thoughts, Lord..the fact that you are with me every moment of my life, the fact that you know the depths of my heart and still love me unconditionally, the fact that i am a grave sinner, unworthy of your look yet you hold me when I'm broken, the fact that YOU shed YOUR precious, pure blood for my unclean soul..I AM AMAZED AT YOUR AMAZING GRACE!..I bow my head in reverend prayer and ask YOUR forgiveness, my KING..Thank YOU for YOUR promise to me. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU, JESUS!.. <3 <3 <3
afsaneh :
Posted 2170 days ago
I just entered the word God;haphazardly I found your website.Its awesome.....wonderful.The interview with God really made me feel fresh.Well done dear friends!
ajitha :
Posted 2171 days ago
i just enter here because i was feeling very sad yesterday a boy called balu passed away he was my nebiour for some years but we shifted after some time, boy must be around 25years but was married a year ago he has left behind a very sweet & innocent little wife must be just 19 years & balu was a handicap one leg was polio effected he was a very sweet and always had a smile on his face used to talk to me every time he saw me after years .i know him as a 5 years old or still young i have payed with him but he is no more i cant believe god! please GOD can you give him back to his family at least for his little wife i could not see his family today his older brother is in ICU not well & his 2nd brother is also not well please GOD i am begging you to do some Miracal pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee GOD
Debbie :
Posted 2171 days ago
Had a really long and hard day. This presentation was a breath of fresh air for me. Thank you good friend.
Richard :
Posted 2176 days ago
The first time that i had watched the presentation, I was so amazed. There are really many things that many people in this world can't appreciate or even can't notice. My only wish for everyone is peace on Earth.
Kevin :
Posted 2178 days ago
so true... thank you for sharing...
Natashia :
Posted 2179 days ago
Feel so great, encouraged and touched...
Feels like crying to know what God's thoughts...
Thanks for sharing such a blessing like this!
May God bless your ministry in sharing Jesus' loves to everyone...
Jesus saves!
mohammad :
Posted 2180 days ago
beatiful,well donel
Beatrice Agessa,in kenya :
Posted 2182 days ago
l had a christian penpal in 1998 called Edwin Lester who send me this presentation in 1998,l was blessed with it,now l got it again,to God be the glory,where is EDwin,please get in touch bagessa@hotmail ... lam in Nairobi kenya..
Beatrice Agessa,in kenya :
Posted 2182 days ago
wow praise the Lord for sharing this inspirational movie with me,this is truly God's creation, lam blessed,shalom
Titabandong :
Posted 2183 days ago
God is a wonderful imagination.he is beyond man's perception
Boomer :
Posted 2185 days ago
Never would have thunk I would find this so indisepsabnle.
vanessa seyjagat :
Posted 2188 days ago
This was truly a blessing to watch. God bless you as you continue to be a blessing...
Gayle :
Posted 2189 days ago
Beautiful presentation ... very Inspirational ... fact about life...
henry :
Posted 2189 days ago
HAHA! God, you again surprised me today. Just when I start doubting you show me you....Not sure what I did to deserve your blessed attention....but thank you of course. I love you.
Antoinette :
Posted 2190 days ago
I would like to make a donation to your website or business. Please send me your information to justprayed@gmail ...
milites :
Posted 2194 days ago
Thank you for an inspirational web site. One that I will be l will be on every morning I wake.
Jen :
Posted 2195 days ago
Thank you for creating this beautiful message and sharing it with others.
Matthew :
Posted 2196 days ago
Profound and wise...
Juliet :
Posted 2196 days ago
WOW. Such a true message. My eyes were filled with tears almost immediately. Heavenly Father, you rock!!
Kathryn :
Posted 2199 days ago
I can't get enough of it... I look & listen to this beautiful heart touching pc. over and over again...and I love sharing it with Familie and whomever I am thinking of. Thank You, and God bless. In J'shua, with graditude, Kathy A. Pittsburgh PA
nhhs :
Posted 2200 days ago
Beautiful message that is a great reminder to us all of the important things in our daily life, that don't cost a thing ! Love , peace, and happiness is all life requires !
Sareeta :
Posted 2203 days ago
It simply made me cry tears of joy :)
Many a times in life we become confused as where to go and what to do. Many a times our daily pressures and frustrations tend to close our inner eye. Thus starts, immense pain, chaos, quarrels, violence, agonies and so on.
This presentation is the best of its kind. It not only is a reflection of God's love towards His children, but also is a huge lesson, a communication of His expectations for us.
Thank you for this marvellous creation. Hope you will enlighten us with more inspirations.
shidaz :
Posted 2205 days ago
Beautiful beautiful is all I can say.
I sure hope and will pray for all others to see and understand all of the great wishes I have read from everyone.
Read on.
Jeffrey Khan :
Posted 2205 days ago
The interview was my first, looking forward to enjoying many more inspirational quotes
Lisa Koran Dungan :
Posted 2207 days ago
Awesome, excellent!
avani :
Posted 2209 days ago
really the site is very inspirational and knowledgible . And all the more heart touching with the marvellous fotographs in relevancy...
Brandon Dorey :
Posted 2210 days ago
I love this site, so inspirational.
Norma :
Posted 2212 days ago
What an inspirational way to start and end the day. The photography is exceptional and the words to the poem are so meaningful. I have it marked as a favorite for quick access. THANKS!


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