The Interview With God
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SailipDardy :
Posted 5 days ago
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ThomAnceddy :
Posted 13 days ago
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Posted 14 days ago
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candice :
Posted 1424 days ago
Im so in Love with my Heavenly father . That im so desperate to be with him in heaven. I want To run to him like a child and sit in his lap and hug him and kiss him, and never let him go. Ive been longing for him and crying a lot about this for two days. I Love The Father...
Matthew O :
Posted 1430 days ago
Great video, beautiful ideas. And very nice quotations. Keep the faith and god bless. <3
ADexter :
Posted 1432 days ago
the movie interview with God was real. that's not something you dream about everyday. i believe the interview (whomever you are) had a real discussion with God
David :
Posted 1433 days ago
"I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."
Jesus Christ
mark darwin :
Posted 1442 days ago
I love you God !! God is good all the time :)
God is my reason to pursue my dreams :)
Michael :
Posted 1443 days ago
Dear Antonio, Indeed I will pray for you and may you find the strength the Lord has given you to handle what you are going through.
Antonio Mioc :
Posted 1449 days ago
I am going through a very tough time
Pray that I may leave this earth in peace
Thank you, God bless you all
Antonio Mioc :
Posted 1449 days ago
Beautifully inspiratianal presentation
I wish I could have such an incredible dream
Greg :
Posted 1453 days ago
This was an awsome video! I felt as if I were the 1 interviewing Our Lord! It let me know that The Lord is with me! God Bless all of u!!
Irene :
Posted 1453 days ago
Love all the inspiratial presentation, very uplifting
Mary :
Posted 1454 days ago
I am so humbled. The Lord in His Mercy took me back into His heart. I love You, sweet Jesus.
2nd God :
Posted 1463 days ago
Muhammad Haider :
Posted 1498 days ago
Being a Muslim, i found this a complete truth which opened my eyes and it look like 've been sleepiing for a long time calrelessly then some one woke me up and showed me about the truth of life, yes this is true that the world we know is endable, May god bless u all. Lastly i request to remember me in your prayers because one day after this life, we all will present in front of God, then i'll identify you by your prayers for me.............
Francis :
Posted 1503 days ago
I was browsing YouTube and stumbled on the video, it was very insightful and I decided to send it to few of my colleagues that has fallen by the way side. It probably get them to pause and reflect more that I could if I talked about Jesus. Thank you and I love you all, please keep up all the good works works for the kingdom.
Buddy :
Posted 1506 days ago
I love you!
Alyssa :
Posted 1508 days ago
I pray for Ally, Eeico, and everybody that has problems or nobody cares about you and I wish you hope for your lives ahead of you
Ally :
Posted 1508 days ago
My mother diodn't care about me and used me for her car and she left me when I was 3. I suffereed depression over since. But I'm trying to releive this by helping other people and talking about what I'm depressed about and I'm doing better little by little.
Earlene Allen :
Posted 1515 days ago
So very Awesome and uplifting
Eelco :
Posted 1517 days ago
My mother passed away last 30 januari.I had not been to church in 25 years but my mothers passing brought me back to the church. and it felt good.My mother made it possible to open up my eyes again to god.The video of an interview with god makes me realise that she is still here,looking over my shoulder and forgiving me for whatever i did wrong in my life and blessing me,for i am a child of god
gbenga :
Posted 1519 days ago
I was actually trying to add friend on the timeline of RCCG congress wheni was told the friend request has been exhausted i then felt like going through the pictures that was where i saw this interview with GOD believe or not i have been going to see this interview everyday and the funniest part i was trying to share it on my timeline but i could not do it but to the GLORY of GOD i succeeded today am very very very happy to have achieved that honestly you will not know how am feeling until you can read my mind am so so happy.thank you for being a blessing
dinesh :
Posted 1534 days ago
who am i, and why did i come .and what is my work
DB :
Posted 1535 days ago
Found your site after watching youtube vid about the homeless Korean young man with the most beautiful voice. I wept at the grace and love of God. Thank you for being a light in the darkness.
Ryan :
Posted 1542 days ago
In a word, "Awesome".
Ebby :
Posted 1575 days ago
Thx so much Jared!!:)
Jared :
Posted 1584 days ago
I have a couple things to say;
1.) Ebby - the song is part of Alan Silvestri's theme song for Forrest Gump ( ... ... youtube ... /watch?v=FcOt6mfjxeA)
2.) The video is epic. I do not use that word lightly. It is inspiring just reading the interview. Thanks to whomever put this together! God bless you.
3.) To everyone that has made it this far; I am praying for you. I hope that either you have found Jesus or that you will someday soon. Greatest relationship ever.
Cheers All!
Reggie :
Posted 1587 days ago
Please remember this from someone who thought he was "all that," " The only Title that counts is God's "
In Christ Name
now a humble servent
Ebby :
Posted 1593 days ago
This site is amazing! A brilliant presentation with perfect words and sceneries. The background music is awesome as well! Does anyone know what the music is called?thanks a lot!


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