The Interview With God
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"If You Believe in Angels & Demons This Book Will Enlighten You! If You Don't Believe in Angels and Demons This Book Will Shock YOU!"

Learn the Secrets Hollywood Has Known For Decades!

You are an important searcher of truth. You may be here because you're curious about the supernatural realm and you want the real facts experienced by real people or you may be struggling with the problems of the world, either way I am so thankful you are here because you will relish every moment in this book. And, you can order it now!

"This Book is So Delicious With Meaning, Understanding and Truth it is Like Divine Dining in a Gourmet Restaurant"

Hollywood revealed secrets on the subject of Angels and Demons is just another deception of the demons themselves. Unlike a meal that is too spicy, this book just brings wisdom, knowledge and practical steps to painful situations.

Salvation and deliverance are commonplace terms with uncommon depth, often difficult to comprehend, let alone to deal with the results of the unknown realm.

"This Book is Like Putting on Spectacles to
See Beyond The Obvious"

Think how different life would be if you could actually say ‘no’ to some of the evil in the world with confidence and authority! If you could use the experience of others to enrich your life and the lives of those around you and your family and loved ones.

This book is a Non-Fiction Thriller That Will Keep Your Interest Without Fear or Anxiety.

A thriller in the sense of excitement about the possibilities the real life stories present, while learning the secrets of foundational truth behind the miracles revealed.

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